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When you're designing the look and feel of your home, we understand that door handles aren't an element that immediately comes to mind during the design process; however they are a more important consideration than you might think. Handles are functional products that you touch every day. It's underrated just how much they're used and needed.

Windsor's design approach follows three fundamental elements - feel, finish and function. The 'feel' correlates with design, engineering and ergonomics of the handles; the 'finish' element is the visual aspect achieved at the intersection of colour, trends and natural patina; and the 'function' refers to the mechanism, installation and how it operates on the door.

Our collections include a variety of products to suit any application and home decor. Whether you're wanting to retrofit a traditional home with Halo, add some modern elegance with Futura, or luxurious brass with Italian, we can provide the perfect fit for your home with door and window accessories to match.

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